porcelain for boro cookie & hōjicha


“porcelain for boro cookie & hōjicha” is specially made for you to have precious relaxing time and enjoy small sweets with a big cup of tea. Products are hand-painted one by one with special care.


The plate matches your cookie delicately. On the other hand, the hōjicha teacup has a smaller diameter to draw out the full aroma of each brew while its walls are made thicker to retain warmth. A tall cup — it ensures the perfect portion for a satisfying cup of tea.

「波」「七宝」「麻の葉」といった古くから縁起の良い模様とされる吉祥文様をベースに、ひとつひとつ心を込めて描いた、優しくみずみずしい絵付けの表情 をお楽しみください。*手描きの為、絵柄や濃淡など個体差があります。予めご了承ください。

Paintings are based on Kissho monyo, or Japanese traditional auspicious motifs, such as nami (wave), shippo (seven treasures), and asanoha (hemp leaves). You can enjoy individually hand-painted motifs that have soft and lively nuance

七宝 shippo
円満を意味する円形を重ねた吉祥文様 「七宝」を柔らかな印象に描いています。

Shippo (seven treasures), an auspicious motif of intersecting circles that symbolizes harmony with a soft touch.

波 nami

The pattern depicts stars floating in the Seigaiha (wave), an auspicious motif for a peaceful life.

麻の葉 asanoha

Asanoha (hemp leaves), an auspicious symbol bringing good health and personal growth with a soft and elegant touch.

縞 shima

Simple designed pattern of a classic stripe with a delicate touch.

cup size : φ60×h.120mm
plate size :φ124×h.15mm
material : porcelain
Made in Japan


The boro tea plate is specially shaped to complement Japanese maru boro and soba boro cookies, among others. 


Gift set package for “porcelain for boro cookie & hōjicha”

creative direction & product design : Shizuka Tatsuno Studio