About Keizan and Arita-yaki



About Keizan
Keizan kiln is located in Sarukawa Valley in Arita surrounded by rich nature. The kiln was founded in 1957 by master Ryuichi Shinohara who began making all handmade, hand-painted dishes suitable for ryotei, high-end traditional Japanese restaurant. Since then, the kiln has been making dishes for different needs of the time for 60 years. Keizan kiln focuses on craft making that highlights cuisine and promises careful work, reliability and safety. We also aim to be the company of Arita-yaki making kiln that cares about the richness and happiness in the daily life of our customers and employees.

2-3-12 Ōdaru, Arita-chō, Nishimatsuura-gun, Saga

有田焼(ありたやき)とは、佐賀県有田町とその周辺地域で製造される磁器を指します。17 世紀初頭、朝鮮人陶工・李参平らによって有田町の泉山で磁器の原料となる陶石が発見されたと言われています。日本で初めて磁器が焼かれた産地として400 年以上、食器や美術工芸品を中心としたものづくりを続けています。磁器は陶器よりも焼成温度が高いため強く焼き締まり、薄くて軽く、硬くて丈夫なのも特徴です。白い磁肌に様々な絵付けを施し、時代とともに有田焼は大きく成長していきました。

About Arita-yaki
Arita-yaki refers to porcelain manufactured in Arita in Saga and its surrounding areas. It is said that pottery stone, which is a raw material of porcelain, was discovered in Izumiyama in Arita by Korean potters like Yi Sam-pyeong in the early 17th century. For over 400 years as the production area where porcelain was baked for the first time in Japan, the region has continued manufacturing products focusing on dishes and artistic crafts. Porcelain comes out stronger than pottery as it gets baked with a higher firing temperature. It is also thin, light, hard and durable. Various paintings have been applied to the white surface of porcelain, and Arita-yaki has grown bigger with the times.