porcelain for financier & tea


“porcelain for financier and tea” is specially made for you to have precious relaxing time and enjoy small sweets with a big cup of tea. Products are hand-painted one by one with special care.


Your regular tea time is magically transformed when a sweet treat is placed on this plate. What would you say to a warm cozy break with a satisfyingly full cup of freshly brewed tea?


Paintings are based on Kissho monyo, or Japanese traditional auspicious motifs, such as nami (wave), shippo (seven treasures), and asanoha (hemp leaves). You can enjoy individually hand-painted motifs that have soft and lively nuance.
*Please note that each one is hand-painted so the pattern and the shades are individually different.

七宝 shippo
円満を意味する円形を重ねた吉祥文様 「七宝」を柔らかな印象に描いています。

Shippo (seven treasures), an auspicious motif of intersecting circles that symbolizes harmony with a soft touch.

波 nami

The pattern depicts stars floating in the Seigaiha (wave), an auspicious motif for a peaceful life.

麻の葉 asanoha

Asanoha (hemp leaves), an auspicious symbol bringing good health and personal growth with a soft and elegant touch.

縞 shima

Simple designed pattern of a classic stripe with a delicate touch. 

cup size : φ95×d.120×h.68mm
plate size : w127×d.87×h.18mm
material : porcelain
Made in Japan


It’s simply delightful to be able to cup your hands around your tea cup and be slowly warmed by the tea within.


Gift set package for “porcelain for financier and tea”

creative direction & product design : Shizuka Tatsuno Studio