porcelain for baguette & soup


“porcelain for baguette & soup” is specially made for you to have precious relaxing time and enjoy small baguettes with a cup of soup. Products are hand-painted one by one with special care.


Enjoy piping hot soup from a palm-sized bowl, while munching on a piece of baguette. It is easy to fit the small oval plate on the side as it takes up very little space.

七宝 shippo
円満を意味する円形を重ねた吉祥文様 「七宝」を柔らかな印象に描いています。

Shippo (seven treasures), an auspicious motif of intersecting circles that symbolizes harmony with a soft touch.

波 nami

The pattern depicts stars floating in the Seigaiha (wave), an auspicious motif for a peaceful life.

麻の葉 asanoha

Asanoha (hemp leaves), an auspicious symbol bringing good health and personal growth with a soft and elegant touch.

縞 shima

Simple designed pattern of a classic stripe with a delicate touch.

cup size : φ102×h.74mm
plate size : w142×d.109×h.17mm
material : porcelain
Made in Japan


An exquisite moment enjoying your soup while watching the world go by


Gift set package for “porcelain for baguette & soup”

creative direction & product design : Shizuka Tatsuno Studio